28 de enero de 2013

openSUSE Contratación Artista, Diseñador Gráfico

Suse, the company behind openSUSE, has a job opening for artist/graphical designer. The candidate will focus on the openSUSE distribution and help the team in creating different artwork needed for the project like merchandising, banners, etc.

Since openSUSE is a community driven project the candidate will have to work with the openSUSE community prior experience with FLOSS communities will be a plus. The candidate will work with several senior graphical designers at SUSE.
According to the posting:

The openSUSE Team, together with the openSUSE community develop a wide variety of activities that requires design skills, such as the distribution itself, tools interfaces, merchandising, etc.. The candidate will lead the openSUSE Team in this area becoming part of the community effort in the artwork team. As part of the openSUSE Team, he will.
The responsibilities include:
  • Lead openSUSE Team efforts related with UI and graphical design.
  • Work closely with developers to create user interfaces and improve the openSUSE user experience.
  • Actively participate in the openSUSE community (artwork team).
  • Become part of the openSUSE Team at SUSE engagement activities.
  • Work with community members to gather a healthy and good relationship and drive the openSUSE Project as a whole forward.
  • Help to make the group and its efforts and the openSUSE project visible in SUSE, in coordination with SUSE design specialists.
  • Attend events to represent the openSUSE project incl. presentations
  • Meet deadlines designated by managers. Team player.

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